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UBIK Residential

Wherever you are, stay connected to your residence system

Be automatically alerted by email or text in case of an event on your system (alarm triggered; arming/disarming).

  • Avoid unnecessary fees for false alarms ;
  • Respond immediately in case of real emergency ;
  • Monitor the comings and goings of your family members.

Available as an extra to the basic service.


UBIK is unique personal notification service available as an added extra to the basic service. If something happens at your home or business, UBIK will immediately send a text to your cell phone or email you to let you know. UBIK keeps you informed of comings and goings, and lets you stay in control, even if you aren’t physically present.  Parents will therefore be able to keep an eye on their children leaving and returning home. For business owners, UBIK lets you keep a close eye on employees by being alerted of opening and closing times. You can also avoid any unnecessary costs for false alarms while being certain that you will be instantly informed of any possible emergencies.

For customers already subscribed only

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