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Take your safety into your own hands by opting for one of our residential security systems.
Choose the interactive option best suited to your needs and protect your loved ones and your home!
Sign up now to ClassicAdvantage, ControlWiFi, ControlGSM, or SecurEnergy and instantly save on your housing insurance.

A classic alarm system driven by today’s modern technologies.
Insure the safety of your loved ones and your belongings with this security solution.
ClassicAdvantage keeps you informed at all times via your Smartphone.

A simple interactive and affordable alarm system.
This system communicates by using a WiFi signal; thus eliminating the need for a residential telephone line.

Provides a reliable, safe and complete protection at all times.
This system communicates by using a cellular GSM signal; thus eliminating the need for a residential phone line.

Combining protection, automation and interactive control this reinvented alarm system is the most flexible option on the market.
Ecology and safety join forces to protect your residence and reduce your energy consumption.
We live in the era of connectivity. With SecurEnergy, your mobile phone becomes a window to your house wherever you are.

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