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Our services

Microtec offers a full range of remote monitoring services.  With cutting-edge technologies, our remote monitoring centers are all ULC-certified (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) for all categories (intrusion, fire, financial) and all comply with the highest standards in the security industry. These remote monitoring services are available in Canada, both in French and English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will find peace of mind knowing that we are working hard for you.

We offer remote monitoring security systems for:

  • Detecting intrusion
  • Fire detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Low and high temperature detection
  • Water level detection
  • Panic button and/or Holdup button
  • Camera surveillance system

On top of these services, the following can be added:

  • Home automation management (lighting, locks and central heating)
  • Patrol service
  • Wireless security systems and wireless reading
  • Extended maintenance services and service protection plan
  • Personal notification service UBIK

UBIK: The solution to stay connected to your system, wherever you are

UBIK is unique personal notification service available as an added extra to the basic service. If something happens at your home or business, UBIK will immediately send a text to your cell phone or email you to let you know. UBIK keeps you informed of comings and goings, and lets you stay in control, even if you aren’t physically present.  Parents will therefore be able to keep an eye on their children leaving and returning home. For business owners, UBIK lets you keep a close eye on employees by being alerted of opening and closing times. You can also avoid any unnecessary costs for false alarms while being certain that you will be instantly informed of any possible emergencies.

Three communication methods link you to our monitoring centers

1. Landline telephone

This is the conventional way of communicating with monitoring centers. This is safe and inexpensive as long as the phone line is working. Standard phone lines are in fact prone to interruptions during adverse environmental conditions or natural disasters and portability is limited. Both cell phone and Internet alternatives add increased security.

2. Cell phone

A cell phone can be an additional line or alternative to the standard phone line. Cell coverage has considerably improved in the past few years. This means there are fewer interrupted calls. A dedicated cell number is used to transmit the signal from a security system at the monitoring center. This does not require a standard landline to be present. It is slight more costly than traditional means of communication but is still cheaper than adding an additional landline.

3. Standard Internet and WiFi

Another way to connect to the remote monitoring center is the Internet. This means of communication is more and more reliable. Extremely affordable, even if there may be some installation costs for equipment. No landline is required; it is an excellent way of saving a cell phone line or as a way to connect independently. However, given regional differences and differences between suppliers, and because of the possibility of downtime, this means of communication is only recommended in some areas. Speak with your local service supplier about the service guarantee. This means of communication is completely portable.

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