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Advice for your business

1. Ensure that any combustibles are stored away from heat sources or electrical panels to reduce the risk of fire. 2. Inspect and check your exit sign panels, security lights and any other form of secondary emergency power sources, i.e. your generators. 3. Establish procedures for employees who handle money and make sure they know […]

Heating and carbon monoxide (CO): warning

In the winter months, your heating system is working at its maximum, which puts you at higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Did you know that carbon monoxide is the most toxic substance that you can come into contact with in your daily life?

Advice for your home

1. If you are away from home for an extended period, create an illusion of presence by leaving a radio or television on in a vulnerable area of your home. Use an outdoor motion detector to control your lighting to reduce the risks associated with criminals. 2. Check that all exterior doors have adequate locks. […]

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Insurance Bureau of Canada, Fire Prevention Canada, Quebec Public Security, Bureau de la sécurité privée

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