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Advice for your home

1. If you are away from home for an extended period, create an illusion of presence by leaving a radio or television on in a vulnerable area of your home. Use an outdoor motion detector to control your lighting to reduce the risks associated with criminals.

2. Check that all exterior doors have adequate locks. Preferably install deadbolt locks of one inch on all exterior doors.

3. If someone unexpectedly knocks on your door, check who it is before opening the door.

4. Do not leave a key under the doormat, flower pot or any other obvious object near to your door. Find a discreet, convenient place to keep your spare key or, better yet, leave one with a trusted neighbor.

5. Secure your patio doors. A simple tube or metal bar in the guide at the bottom of your door will suffice. Be aware that the device must be the same length as the free space of this guide.

6. Keep the garage door locked.

7. Keep curtains and nets closed. Especially where valuables are on show.

8. Keep any money, jewelry and other valuables in a safe deposit box or other secure location rather than leaving them within easy reach.

9. Do not leave notes on the doors or windows for delivery personnel or family members. This is so you aren’t advertising your absence from your home to any thieves.

10. If you are away for several days, adjust your phone’s ringer to the quietest setting. A phone that goes unanswered signals to burglars that you aren’t at home. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up your newspapers or mail. Do not cancel your delivery service as an extra precaution, you never whose hands this information could fall into.

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