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Advice for your business

1. Ensure that any combustibles are stored away from heat sources or electrical panels to reduce the risk of fire.

2. Inspect and check your exit sign panels, security lights and any other form of secondary emergency power sources, i.e. your generators.

3. Establish procedures for employees who handle money and make sure they know what to do in case of burglary.

4. Make sure emergency exits are free and accessible at all times and that automatic doors are closed at all times.

5. Increase your security by ensuring that shrubs or bushes cannot be used by potential criminals.

6. Upkeep of your fire protection equipment is essential. Ensure that they are regularly inspected and have a label showing dates of previous inspections.

7. Install outdoor security lights to deter potential thieves.

8. Keep money and valuables in a fire and theft proof safe.

9. Maintain an updated list of inventory and equipment.

10. Keep all circulation areas, both indoor and outdoor, safe at all times.

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